Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal Pradesh is a state of India situated among the snowy hills of Himalaya. There are numerous destinations here that offer scenic beauty which can mesmerize the viewers. To experience such beautiful views lots of visitors come to this state. Hence, for those who love to be the witness of this beauty, it is important to visit some of the beautiful spots mentioned here.

manali-himachal1. Manali:

Manali is located at about 6726 feet and is a beautiful place covered with snow capped mountains. Other than the scenic beauty this place offers sport activities. The place can feed your adventurous soul and is soothing to the eyes. There are lots of activities such as rafting, trekking and parasailing are available here that can offer a different feel to the adventure lovers. It is also much famous among the newly wedded as a honeymoon destination.

kullu-dasara-himachal2. Kullu:

It is one of the most famous places visited in Himachal. Many people know this place from the name Manali. It is located at the banks of Beas River. People who visit Manali usually go to visit this place.



manimahesh-lake-chamba3. Chamba:

This hill station is located on the bank of River Ravi and is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. It is one of the best places to visit in Himachal and is also famous for its many historical destinations such as temples and forts. People from all around the world visit this place for holidays or religious reasons.


shimla-himachal4. Shimla:

Shimla is known for its beauty and was earlier the summer capital during the times of Britishers. One can see the colonial effect in building and structures there. The mountains around are covered with snow, Shimla is known for its beauty round the year. In winter as well as summer, as long as you are okay with minus temperature during the winter season, it’s a place to not miss on.


dharamshala-sightseeing-himachal5. Dharamshala:

It’s a valley surrounded by mountains on all three sides and valley on one side. The mountain is known to be 4000 m above the sea level and looks beautiful from all sides. The view of mountains with pine trees and tree garden looks majestic. The place was once occupied by Tibetan refugees and one can see the pinch of their culture even now. It is visited by tourists from all around the world.


baba-balak-nath-kasauli-himachal6. Kasauli:

Kasauli is located at a height of 1927 meters and visited by people from all around the world. One can see the colonial influence in the culture. This is famous for being a health resort. People from all around the world come and visit this place to seclude them from the outside world and chill. This place is a must to visit as it is brings you close to nature and gets you hooked up with health as well as advantages of nature. If you need a vacation from your mundane life style, this place is a sure for you and is going to leave you rejuvenated.