Places to visit in Mount Abu

If one visits the royal land of Rajasthan but Mount Abu is left the visit is considered as incomplete. There are a number of tourist attractions situated on this hill station. In the summer days it offers a soothing feel as the temperature is low and one can enjoy the beauty of the location at its best. Here are some of the famous destinations of this hill station that must be paid a visit while on a tour to this center.

dilwara-temple-mount-abu1. Delwara Temple

This temple was built by Vastupal Tejpal in the 13th century and is an attraction to people all over the world especially the Jains. The temple is constructed with marble and has intricate cravings which make it exquisite. The temple might not be very attractive from outside but as one goes inside, the entire walls are beautifully crafted which makes it a wonderful experience for people visiting Mount Abu and hence the temple. It is visited by Jains from all over the world as it is considered as one of the holiest destinations in the Jainism.

chaprala-wildlife-sanctuary-mount-abu2. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu is known for its beauty and this hill station is rich in its wildlife variety whether it is flora or fauna. This mountain is used by pilgrims as well as people who want to have a little tour close to nature. The wildlife sanctuary of Mount Abu is spread over 290 sq km and is home to many wild animals such as tiger, leopard, wolf, hyena, mongoose, wild boar etc. Other than animals, this sanctuary is rich in birds and around 250 different species are found here. If you are touring Mount Abu, visiting its sanctuary is a must.

3. Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is located in Mount Abu which comes in an Aravali range. The lake is a about a mile in length and is famous as the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed in this lake and with that Gandhi Ghat was constructed on 12th February 1948. People usually go boating in the lake to have a closer view to it. There is a path just next to the lake which leads to a sunset point and many people take horse ride just around the lake as Maharaja Temple and Raghunath Temple are seen very close to the lake. There is also legend of gods associated with the formation of this Lake as it is believed that they scrubbed the land with nails and the lake was formed.

4. Trevors Tank

This tank was designed by an engineer Trevor and is named after him. It is a beautiful spot for nature lovers as the gives an exquisite view. The tank was constructed to breed crocodiles back then and now it is used as a picnic spot. This place is 5km away from the town. One can view different species of birds in here and gives a splendid view especially for people who are looking for peace in nature. If you are visiting Mount Abu, don’t hesitate to travel a bit more for this spot.