Pilgrim Tour

Pilgrim tour is very common in India because of the culture here. People worships different Gods and find it necessary to visit the sacred shrines once in their life time. There are many travelling agencies that provide the complete Pilgrim tour in an affordable package and is something that people can customize on their own. Different places that are visited by people in the Pilgrim tour are as follows:

chardham-yatra-pilgrim1. Char Dham Yatra:

There are four places in the Himalayas which has four holy shrines of the Hindus. All four of them together are referred to as “Chota Char Dham” or “Char Dham Yatra”.
These four pilgrim places are Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri and are named after the four sacred rivers in India namely River Yamuna as Yamunotri, River Ganga as Gangotri, River Alaknanda as Badrinath and River Mandakini as Kedarnath. However there are also temples of Badrinath and Kedarnath which are considered as most sacred places in Hinduism.

amarnath-yatra-pilgrim2. Amarnath Yatra:

It is one of the most important pilgrimages for the Hindus especially the worshippers of Lord Shiva. The Amarnath cave is iced with a Linga of Shiva formed with ice naturally which is worshipped as Shivaling. This place is visited by people from all over the world and country especially Hindus. Millions of Hindus visit Amarnath during the Amarnath Yatra. Hindus believe that it is in this cave that Lord Shiva revealed the secret of Life and hence it is considered as the most pious place among the devotees of Lord Shiva. For every Hindu it is a dream to be a part of Yatra once in his lifetime. Due to political and religious reasons also this Yatra and place are in lime light many times these days.

vaishno-devi-temple-pilgrim3. Vaishno Devi:

This temple is located at the height of 1560 m above the sea level on Trikuta hills and about 13 kms from Katra. This temple is a holy shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi. The spirituality can be felt in the air and atmosphere of this area. The temple is managed by the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board. It is believed that people and believers of Adhya Shakti from all over the world come and visit this place to be blessed by the deity.

This place can be reached after trekking for 13 km uphill until they reach a cave. According to the Hindu Mythology Vaishno Devi who is often called as Mata Rani is a manifestation of Maa Durga. The trek to the temple can be a little tiring for elders and kids but horses are arranged in this area that can drop the visitors just outside the cave. The path leading to the temple has been commercialized and provides various facilities to the people. The believers whilst trekking to the temple shout slogans of Mata Devi in enthusiasm and is overall a must visit for Hindus. It is a once in lifetime opportunity for one to be at this temple and hence Hindus from all the corners of the planet try to be here once in the life at least.