Places to visit in Ranthambore

There is no dearth of historical places in the vicinity of natural parks in the state of Rajasthan. The best example for the same is the Ranthambore. There are some of the exquisite locations here that can simply mesmerize the visitors. Hence if you are on the tour to this state, add Ranthambore to your list without failure.

ranthambore-fort1. Ranthambore Fort:

Ranthambore Fort is a must place to visit if you just passed Ranthambore. It is located within the national park near the Sawai Madhopur. This fort was built during the times of Chauhan dynasty by Hammir Dev and is located amidst the thick and lush forests. It attracts large number of tourists because of its history and beauty. It was used for hunting in old time and is one of the largest tourist spot of Rajasthan.

2. Malik Talao:

It is one of the three lakes in Ranthambore National Park. This lake is comparatively smaller than the other two lakes. It is surrounded by lush forests and is home to many birds and animals. This park open at two different times for people to visit and if you are touring Ranthambore, it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visit. You may spot some migratory birds there as well.

3. Padam Talao:

It is one of the largest lakes inside Ranthambore National Park which is edged with Jogi Mahal. The lake is seen to be full of lily flower and is the center of many thick forests. It is open for visitors at two times of the day and is a natural habitat of many wild animals, the whole lake is beautified with nature and is a must to visit place in Ranthambore.

4. Rajiv Gandhi National Museum:

This Museum is often referred to as the regional Museum of Natural History, Sawai Modhopur. It is one of the most significant places to visit in Ranthambore and is the fourth largest museum in India. The museum deals with raising the awareness about the importance of nature and preserving wildlife as well as nature.

5. Kachida Valley:

It is one of the most beautiful and serene place to visit in Ranthambore. It consists of low hills and rocky surface and is surrounded by green forests. One can interact with nature closely by taking a tour to this place in a jeep. There are many wild animals that can be seen in the Valley such as Panthers, tigers, bears etc. Apart from animals, the valley is rich in unique flora species and the lake just adjacent to the valley adds to the beauty.

6. Rajbagh Talao:

Among the three lakes within the National Park of Ranthambore, it is the most beautiful one. If you are visiting the National Park, this is a must to visit lake in this area and you cannot miss out on Rajbagh Talao as it can rejuvenate your soul towards nature and offer some of the best memories here.
It is also one of the important national parks in the nation.